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Welcome Business Owners!

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your lead generation needs are in capable hands.


Focus on what you do best – closing deals and delivering exceptional service – while we generate the leads that fuel your business growth.

Our team of experts work diligently behind the scenes, leveraging our cutting-edge AI technology and expertise to bring you a consistent flow of qualified leads.

We are CLOHZ - and we help you close.

How We Help

How We Help


Email Automation

Our AI-powered email automation service turbocharges your cold email campaigns, so you can leave manual outreach behind.

We send thousands of personalized emails every month that guarantee a consistent flow of high-quality leads, ready to jump on discovery calls with your team.


Say goodbye, to time-consuming tasks and experience the game-changing benefits of email automation.


LinkedIn Services

CLOHZ is dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for lead generation.

With our innovative technology, we simplify the process of prospecting and connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn by automating endorsements, post likes, comments, connection requests, and follow-ups.

Beyond automation, we also offer LinkedIn training to transform your LinkedIn lead generation efforts and drive business growth.


Sales Consulting

Automating your lead generation process is the key to freeing up your sales team's valuable time and energy.

By relieving them from the burden of manual prospecting, they can focus on other activities that drive business growth.


That is why our services go beyond lead generation. We offer consulting sessions to support your team across multiple areas, helping you optimize operations, boost revenue, and achieve overall success.


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